First stop: introducing me.

Hey there, I’m Chelsea. And this is a little documentation of a new era of my life. Like an online journal. I’m here to share and remember the little things that happen in your twenties. There are so many changes after you graduate. You begin to discover who you are and who you want to become. I am very very much in the preliminary stages of all that, so we’ll see what comes next. But I think that’s what makes life exciting. You never know who you’re going to meet and how much you’re going to enjoy (or dislike) something before you go out and try it. This blog will provide some things that I have tried, and how it all turned out. From moving to a new place, to craft projects and recipes, to reaching career goals and living frugally, to exploring my surroundings. While trying to maintain organization, I’d like to be a bit more spontaneous as well.


As for the title, why trucks? Well that’s because it has been a nickname of mine for years, and to some, it will never change. It all started back during my freshmen year of college at the beautiful University of California, Davis.


early bird studying at least had a view

Feeling lost and not knowing anyone. And let’s face it, I am physically small, and grew up in the small town of Truckee, CA. Davis is more than three times the size of our little community. But hey, it’s college, and I was ready for a fresh start. As awkward as freshmen are, we begin with the basics, “hi, I’m Chelsea from Truckee and an Econ major.” You meet so many new faces and learn so many names, it’s hard for one to keep track of them all. For two guys on my floor, Chelsea was a name that didn’t stick with either of them. When I saw them the next day, they looked at me and then quickly looked at each other, hoping the other remembered. But one was clever and blurted out, “Hey Truckee!” And it stuck. Spread like wildfire across everyone I met. I didn’t mind. Actually came to love it. Then my friends got creative. Trucksters, Truckeemon, Truckee Truckerson, Ruckee, Truckamisu, Mother Trucker….and the list goes on and on. My favorite was the simple one, Trucks. I have even also now developed this silly liking towards trucks. Not like an F150, those are cool too, but I mean like a semi truck. No one really likes those. They’re the slowest ones on the freeway that kids try to get to honk. I’m not the biggest fan of them when driving, but even though ridiculous, if I see a picture of one, I smile. The nickname and trucks themselves continue to remind me how lucky I was to meet such amazing friends. Friends I know I’ll keep in touch with for years to come.


That’s the gist of it. I’m just taking one day at a time and seeing where the next stop will be.