Tuesday Techniques: Bottle Cap Trays

Feeling crafty? A rainy day is perfect for taking on a new project. Each Tuesday I plan to get creative with an art project, DIY or a fun recipe. Lately I have been collecting bottle caps and making trays. A few years ago I wanted to cover a coffee table, but later switched to trays. They are easier and quicker to make, usable, and make nice gifts. Being in college, collecting the caps wasn’t all too difficult. It was fun to see which beers we favored. I even saved a few from when I traveled to Chile. To gain a heftier quantity, I went to a couple brew fests and asked the vendors to save their caps for me to pick up at the end of the day. Only a few remembered, but even a little count. The trays I found at thrift stores, and the resin and glue at Ace Hardware.

First, is to create a design. This took the longest, since I had to move them around to make sure they all fit the way I wanted. A friend of mine called it an “adult puzzle”.

emily cap

 Next, in order to assure they don’t move around when the resin is poured, I glued down each cap. Tedious, but you lose the risk of ruining the design and making a mess.


Once the glue dried, I mixed the resin, poured it, and smoothed it over. Occasional bubbles would appear, but either blowing on it or putting a flame to it did the trick.


After covering it with saran wrap to avoid dust getting in, I let it sit overnight. And tah dah!


I’m really excited about the outcome of these. Friends and family have requested them, but I’m still on the hunt for more trays! It’s a fun project, but definitely had to crack open and enjoy a bottle during the process. 🙂