Bay Area Bucket List

As the weather continues to be glorious, all I’ve been wanting to do is hang out in the sunshine. Now that I’m living in the Bay, I might as well explore the many wonderful places that are conveniently located nearby. Here is a complied list of some things I have been wanting to do and see. Hopefully now that they are written down, I can start crossing some off and maybe even finish the list by fall? Definitely a huge challenge, but hey, one can dream right? Some are pretty darn touristy, but too bad, don’t care. This is just a quick list. I am sure that there are many I’m forgetting and would be excited to visit. So, let’s play tourist, and find adventure.

  • Pacifica beach and coastal hikes in Southern San Francisco
  • Hike around Mt. Diablo
  • Trip to Alcatraz
  • Explore Tiburon and take a ferry ride to Angel Island
  • Off the Grid Food Truck night
  • Third Thursday’s in the City
  • First Friday’s in Oakland
  • Brewery tours. This site has a list of micro breweries you can walk to from BART. It’s also fun to visit and get a tour of the production. Those tend to be not as accessible by public transportation, but would make a fun outing
  • Wine Tasting. Trip to Napa anyone?
  • Ferry to Sausalito. Cute, historical, nice views
  • Sail in the Bay…so…make friends with a boat owner 🙂
  • Paddle board and Kayak in the Bay
  • Aquatic Park and venture to Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39, etc.
  • Beach Blanket Babylon. If it was funny when I was younger, I’m sure the 21+ show is hysterical
  • Go to a Giants game!
  • Run a 5K
  • Dollar Day at Golden Gate Fields
  • Go to more Farmer’s Markets
  • Find Flea Markets
  • Find delicious burritos in the E. Bay
  • Take camping trips
  • Mini road trip to Santa Cruz
  • Bay to Breakers (May, 17th)
  • Hardly Strictly (Oct. 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

Well that should be enough to fill any free time. Can’t wait to try something new!