Tourist for a day

While living by a city of destination, one might as well take advantage of the sites. I had some friends from home come to visit for the weekend, and we decided to play tourist for a day…

Foto May 23, 1 24 40 PM

What’s one of the most touristy experiences San Francisco has to offer?

Foto May 23, 1 39 45 PM

How about a bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!

Foto May 23, 1 57 17 PM

Foto May 23, 1 58 03 PM

Foto May 23, 1 57 54 PM

In under 10 miles past Fort Mason, the Marina, Chrissy Field and just a couple of small-ish hills, you arrive to the adorable town of Sausalito!

Perfect weather to grab a beer and take in the view of the Bay to the skyline!

Foto May 23, 5 40 10 PM

If the ride over is enough for the day, you have the option to take the ferry back. Of course, this was the option we took. No shame. It is actually a fun opportunity. Even passed Alcatraz. It was the closest I’ve ever been, and I must say, it is definitely creepier looking than I expected. I might reconsider wanting to take a tour there haha.

Foto May 23, 5 57 10 PM

I’d recommend looking up the ferry schedule and arriving early. We just headed over after the restaurant, and had to wait in a huge line. The fact that it was a holiday weekend also probably didn’t help. If we do decide to go again, I’d like to start earlier in the day. With more hours in the day, we could have taken a path through the redwoods and into Tiburon. That would have been nice as well, but our adventure seemed to be just enough for all of us.

Foto May 23, 2 08 17 PM

One of the best parts, was that since we looked ridiculous in our stylish helmets and rented bikes, so many people kept asking where we were from. Could have made up some silly foreign scenario, but I think we just have too much NorCal pride. “Yaaa, we’re actually from here (or better yet, Tahoe!) ” And of course, they’re all just jealous 😛

SF Cinco de Mayo Fest

Yes, this is an extremely late post, and yes, it doesn’t quite make sense to post it on Memorial Day weekend. However, at least it’s still May and I do still want to share some fun photos. My mom and I had a great time mozying around the festival and getting a taste (literally) of the culture.

The music and dancing

Foto May 02, 3 13 59 PM

Foto May 02, 1 22 20 PM

Foto May 02, 2 41 40 PM

Some crafts

Foto May 02, 1 35 52 PM

Delicious food

Foto May 02, 1 49 06 PM

BBQ Chicken skewers!

Foto May 02, 3 06 31 PM

Mango on a chopstick with a dusting of spice (my favorite).

Foto May 02, 3 59 33 PM

And some fantastic street art!

Foto May 02, 1 25 00 PM

Foto May 02, 3 19 50 PM

Foto May 02, 3 24 56 PM

Foto May 02, 4 51 31 PM

Foto May 02, 4 51 15 PM

Many booths to spin wheels to win rice and maracas, shop the crafts, and of course dance a little. Definitely a fun outing! (Note: this is by Valencia and 24th if you want to check out the sweet street art)