SF Cinco de Mayo Fest

Yes, this is an extremely late post, and yes, it doesn’t quite make sense to post it on Memorial Day weekend. However, at least it’s still May and I do still want to share some fun photos. My mom and I had a great time mozying around the festival and getting a taste (literally) of the culture.

The music and dancing

Foto May 02, 3 13 59 PM

Foto May 02, 1 22 20 PM

Foto May 02, 2 41 40 PM

Some crafts

Foto May 02, 1 35 52 PM

Delicious food

Foto May 02, 1 49 06 PM

BBQ Chicken skewers!

Foto May 02, 3 06 31 PM

Mango on a chopstick with a dusting of spice (my favorite).

Foto May 02, 3 59 33 PM

And some fantastic street art!

Foto May 02, 1 25 00 PM

Foto May 02, 3 19 50 PM

Foto May 02, 3 24 56 PM

Foto May 02, 4 51 31 PM

Foto May 02, 4 51 15 PM

Many booths to spin wheels to win rice and maracas, shop the crafts, and of course dance a little. Definitely a fun outing! (Note: this is by Valencia and 24th if you want to check out the sweet street art)

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