Homemade Potato Gnocchi

I have been wanting to make gnocchi from scratch for a while now. It’s never really been something I would go out and purchase (mainly due to price), but I do enjoy it. This one was fun to make, and only required a few things. Best part, it was delicious. I like to cook simply and typically make many substitutions that suit what I have in my pantry. I don’t have the budget for a ton of different ingredients, but still like to try out new recipes and of course make them tasty.

NOTE:  I am an extreme amateur, and intend to show honesty. That said, please don’t judge the quality of my iphone photos and/or appearance. My food is actually really yummy and I’m working on improving presentation 😉

For the gnocchi dough:

2 medium potatoes (I peeled and mashed red)

2 garlic cloves, minced

1 egg

Roughly 2-3 cups flour

Spices: dashes of Salt, pepper, oregano, cayenne, and fresh rosemary (picked from our community garden!)


Foto Feb 05, 3 30 17 PM 

After boiling and mashing the potatoes, mix in the garlic, egg and spices. Note: I do not have any fancy mixing equipment. A wooden spoon and arm muscle was good enough!

You then need to make it into a dough by adding flour. I put in about a 1/4 cup at a time. Eventually, I just kneaded it with handfuls of flour as necessary. Basically, if it is still sticky, add flour.

Foto Jan 14, 8 02 22 PM

Once you have your dough ball, pull a part chunks to roll into long round strips that are about 2 cm thick.

Foto Jan 14, 8 15 15 PM

Cut the log every 1/2″ or so to make the gnocchi bits.

Foto Jan 14, 8 20 26 PM

Press down with fork to get the grooves.

Foto Jan 14, 8 30 12 PM

Drop pieces into a pot of bowling water for about 5 mins. Keep your eye on them. Don’t want them to stick together or be over-cooked.

Foto Jan 14, 8 45 09 PM

I then placed them in pan to saute to a golden crisp.

Foto Jan 14, 8 51 09 PM

I finished it off with tomatoes and pesto. Enjoyed every bite, and will be making it again soon!

I based this recipe off of the original by Collecting Memories