Time for a trip. Truck stop: Europe.

I have pulled the trigger. Saved up funds, quit my job and purchased a ticket to Europe. Crazy? Maybe a little, but sometimes you get so caught up in a routine, are constantly stressed, and you just have to do something new. I haven’t traveled anywhere big for almost 5 years now (Chile and Argentina for a month in 2012), and now that I feel financially confident, why not make someday, today.

After minoring in Spanish, I can read almost anything in the language, but my conversation is pretty poor. I have been wanting to go abroad for a few months to dive into the culture, and practice. While I loved my time spent in South America, I thought of Spain as I have never been to Europe. Three years or so of dreaming to make the trip, I actually buckled down, and began to save. Three years later, a ticket was purchased. Originally, I did want to go for 3-6 months or as long as a year, but realistically looking at costs, and thinking of what to do during all of that time, I settled with 2.5 months. A month to travel Europe, and a month in Spain. I then got ansty, and added a couple more weeks. Why not, right?

I decided that more planning and structure wasn’t going to be the sole purpose of this trip, I just wanted to explore and do something different. Not to say that I didn’t like my job or was unhappy in the Bay Area, I just kept feeling that I needed to be doing something more in my life. Something that I’ve never done. So, while the point and excuse as well as initial reason was to learn Spanish, I think I actually just wanted to escape. Escape and do something else for a change, that really was just for me. I don’t think we need concrete reasons for why we do something. Sometimes you just have a feeling, have to take a chance, and make it worthwhile.

I will note, that all transportation and lodging was booked fairly well in advance (it’s in my event planner nature to do so), but the physical presence of being elsewhere and letting the days unfold with a “let’s see what’s out there” mentality is what was exciting and needed.

Well that all sounds cheesy, and may not make the most sense, but for one reason or another I did it, and even was lucky enough to have a few friends join me along the way! I chose the following places, in this order:

  • Copenhagen
  • Amsterdam
  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Split and Krka in Croatia
  • Rome
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Granada
  • Malaga
  • Seville
  • Detour to Fes and a Sahara Trip!
  • Madrid

And, then back to Oakland by mid-November! (Because I love my family and Thanksgiving 😉 )

Details and photos to come for each adventure.