Truck Stop: Prague


Next stop on our Europe trip – a bus ride to Prague! Here, we stayed at the Little Quarter Hostel. Very quiet (we ended up in a room with 5 boys who slept most of the time), but it was well located, being on a cobbled street right below the castle and just up from the Charles Bridge. It had a great common space below with a bar as well as a terrace up top, but no one really seemed to hang out there. We were there during the middle of the week, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

After checking in, we went out in search for lunch, and chose a spot at the top of the hill with a sneak peak view of the city.

Once we finished our glasses of wine and essentially the entire bread basket, we walked up to the castle grounds, and found an incredible view of the whole city down below.


There were a few vendor booths to walk through, that had what I’m going to call more so artisan souvenirs and food. Touristy, but with a touch of medieval charm.


Exploring Prague Castle:


And, the gorgeous San Vito Cathedral:

Had a little fun on Golden Lane:

Note that I am only 5′ and am as tall as the doors here.

We then made our way down towards the old city, and weaved through the crowds on the Charles Bridge.

Neither of us were feeling too great at this point, so we settled into an adorable courtyard for dinner, complete with some grog and goulash!

With a full day in Prague, we embarked on another free walking tour of the Old Town, or as our guide would joke, “a tour of #oldstuff”. One of the great things about these tours is finding out how many people travel from so many different countries. Our groups of about 20 have been so diverse – up until this point where almost everyone was from the US! Even our guide was surprised. We started in the main square, and then headed to the astronomical clock.


Unfortunately, the tower was under construction, but at least the clock was still visible and I was just in awe. There is so much detail instilled in it, and each piece has its own story and function. The top clock has the actual time, hours of sunlight and moonlight – which notes the time of year, and a zodiac calendar (doesn’t include day light savings though – too old!). The bottom is a name day clock. I wish I got a closer look at the names themselves. My great -grandparents were Czech, so it would have been fun to find their name!


We also walked through the old Jewish quarter where we found Europe’s oldest synagogue that is still in use. They call it the Old New Synagogue. Originally, it was creatively called the “New Synagogue”, but when other synagogues began to be built, making this one now older, they changed the name to Old New. How clever?! Ha


Despite the silly stories, Prague is a beautiful and picturesque city. We did a lot of wandering around, where I discovered my obsession for the river and bold bridges. Quick trip, but loved every moment and view point.